Pastoral care is a vital aspect of any church and the reason many of our faith-family are actively involved in the Congregational Care Ministries. It is important that all of us reach out to one another in Christ’s love. If there is a need, we take steps to cover it. For information on any of the ministries listed below, contact Lisa Greenlund.

Welcome Ministry

All who come to worship on any Sunday morning are greeted with a warm smile, a “Glad you are here” handshake, and a sincere, “Welcome”. We are a warm and caring congregation and always there to help begin the worship experience for all who step through our doors.

Meals and Ministry

This ministry consists of volunteers who prepare and deliver meals to those in our congregation who are recovering after a hospital stay or an illness, or have just returned home after having a baby. This is our way of helping in a time when a prepared meal is most needed and appreciated.

Visitation Ministry

We attend to our flock of TLC/Homebound (Tender Loving Care) members by having trained volunteers visit, send cards, and call regularly. These visits are to members who are in their homes, retirement communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. This is a ministry where those doing the visiting are blessed even more than those visited.

Prayer Chain Ministry

This is a vital ministry in any church for those who are in need of prayer. This also includes loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors. God delights in hearing from us and in our caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Usher Ministry

Being a church usher is a sacred responsibility. It requires the same quality of dedication as those who teach Sunday school or sing in the choir. All volunteers are trained and prepared to share and show Christian love to all who come to worship.

New Member Classes

All who wish to join are offered the opportunity to attend Sunday classes and then be received into membership. The classes teach the history of Methodism and how it evolved into the United Methodist Church of today and also how we, at Fallston United Methodist Church, live our faith within our church, family and community.

Information Center

The Hospitality Center is located in the Welcome Center and available to all every Sunday. It is a friendly place to go for information and help for those with questions or those not familiar with the Church or its layout.

“How to be your own better half” — Wellness Ministry

This ministry is for both men and women who have lost their spouses. The classes help those who are grieving learn ways to help deal with and get past the grieving stage. They are taught a number of productive, healthy ways to be better prepared spiritually and mentally for a happier future.

Card Ministry

Cards of many varieties are created for this ministry and geared specifically to our members. The areas covered are: New Baby, New Grandparents, New Great-grandparents, Encouragement, Get Well, Words of Comfort, Praying for You, Praying for Your Loved One, and Sympathy. Many of those receiving cards are, or have been, on our Prayer Chain, which covers Concerns, Joys and Deaths.

Guest Follow-Up

Every new person who comes to worship with us and fills out a Guest Card is sent a letter of “welcome” along with a brochure about FallstonUMC. The brochure lists all of our Ministries and what is available for every age group. The guests then receive a follow-up call to thank them for choosing Fallston UMC as their place of worship. An invitation is extended for them to be our guest again. We ask if they have any specific questions or if we can be of assistance in any way.

Covering of Love – Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry began in November of 2008 and has crafted, blessed, and delivered well over 400 prayer shawls. It is obvious that this ministry is in God’s total control, and we are just joyously along for the ride. Prayer shawls are made for specific people as a symbol (reminder) that God loves them and is ever present and there to bring comfort. All they need to do is wrap the shawl around them and feel the presence of Jesus drawing them near. The shawls are created by members who pray for each person during the crafting of the shawl. With the participation of the congregation, they are then blessed.

College Freshman Recognition Sunday

Prayer blankets are made in each student’s collegecolors by volunteers of the congregation. They are then placed on the altar, blessed, and distributed to each college student. This is our way of letting each student know we care and a reminder that their church family is supporting them in thought and prayer.